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To wrap up, how to make video load faster online can be controlled during the setting of the video quality before uploading, choosing the 240p in youtube, and/or upgrading the speed of your internet connection. You might be watching a videos online (maybe in youtube or vimeo or whatever) and you really hate it because it keeps on buffering. I myself don't like it when you're in the climax of the video then suddenly it stops. It's really a hassle waiting for a video to load for so long. So what are the ways on how to make videos load faster? Do tutorials You can do what I did by teaching photoshop and get paid by some people you know who needs your help. But there are also other opportunities that you can do online. You can write tutorials and sell them to article directories like eHow. Just try your best to make a step by step processes. To make your tutorial more engaging, you can capture screenshots and incorporate them. You can also make video tutorials and post them in youtube. You can make money with photoshop through this by joining Youtube Partner Program. Other sites that you can also submit those video tutorials to make money are Rewer, BrightCove, Vuze, BlipTV, Metacafe Producer Rewards, Atom, Apple's itunes music store, Behemoth, Streamyo, and Lulu. Just try to search for those websites and learn their programs. But before that, you must first record your video tutorial. You can use camtasia pro to do so. "Cisco TelePresence" and "Lotus Sametime" are great video calling solution for business but for the ordinary person there are more useful applications which are free just like Skype. Google Voice and Google Talk are ideal for the job. While you can make video calls with Google Talk to other users using the same application, you can also use it to call Spain landline/ mobile phones as well, if you have active Google Voice this video I'm going to show you how I make youtube video I shoot videos here in my home studio as well as on location somewhere else in the world the equipment I use to make youtube videos the sony nex-5r the one holding at the 5 end in the one that I'm shooting with is a fiber bar the difference between the two the 5r is a little bit more advanced and the screen also flips all the way up so I can see myself if I'm doing a selfie style video this camera is fantastic i've been using it for a couple of years now and i love how small it is it's very easy to travel with the quality is fantastic it's a mirrorless camera and it has an interchangeable lens the built-in mic in this camera is actually really good but i do prefer to use an external mic this little boom mic that I've gotten from Sony which I can't find at the moment I know it will turn up but I just don't have it right now I use this external light when I'm shooting in dark places or in dark rooms or even maybe a cave I got this light from Sony about seven years ago and i use it quite often for action shots underwater shots shots like when I was hang gliding in puerto rico i use a GoPro i have the hero 2 which is an older version but it works pretty good it looks pretty good then i use this handy cam mostly for doing daily vlogs it's very easy to use its small as well I can fit in my pocket if I have a big pocket and i really think it's super cool because it has a projector that's built into it so that has been a big fan with my friends so for filming for the day and i want to show them a clip I can project it on a building or whatever and we can watch it together pretty cool i also use headphones all the time when I'm editing whether it's on location are just at home allows me to hear hear the make video and hear the audio in the different levels more accurately the ones i have are the sony MDR 10 our series which are the noise cancelling headphones they are fantastic they are excellent they're light they're easy to pack away and they are great quality an external hard drive for anyone who's making videos is a must if you do not want your computer to crash or be just very very slow then you want to external hard drive to put all of the videos that you have done as well as all of your footage on i also like to back everything up when i travel especially because if anything happens to my computer whether it's stolen or crashes at least I have a backup of all my footage this guy is pretty cool it is a lens attachment that is from photojojo it's actually called the super secret spy lines and because it does make you feel like a spy when you're using it so with this lens it has a position mirror assembled inside so basically you can shoot left right up and down and it still appears that you're shooting straight ahead multiple SD cards are also a mass especially if you are traveling and making videos the worst thing is to be filming something in all of a sudden you have run out of cards space then of course a tripod I use it all the time when I'm shooting in studio I don't use it is frequently when I'm shooting a broad I like to go handheld but a tripod is a must for anybody shooting video i use a mac computer i started using a mac for the first time a few years ago and as they say once you go back you don't go back and this is a glidecam which I am still learning how to use but it's super fun and then there's the gorillapod which is a tripod a smaller tripod which you can actually wrap the legs around different objects like a tree for example or an arm the great thing about all the stuff is it fits in my backpack which is considered my purse on flights the only thing that doesn't fit is the glider which I put in my carry-on luggage and now to show you my at home studio you are currently in my home studio so i will take you on a little tour and explain it a bit here we have the blue screen flash green screen depending on what I want to wear that day it's blue on one side here I'll take you back a bit blue on one side green on the other and then I have a red background for some other videos i'm making right now off i also use the white wall this is what the current setup looks like for this video I've got my two lights here in my tripod where I sit this is my crazy artwork over here are some bucks film box and videos and travel books and some gear is my globe yes what it looks like they have a closet full of different costumes and clothing that I've gotten in other countries that are using some of my skin and yeah i got my lights in my green screen /Company videos,Video for business,Video businesses,Business video company, blue screen from tube tape so i got it online and i believe the two lights with the green screen cost me under three hundred dollars which is really good I've got a few years ago but yeah order it online and it came within a week or two I believe for it to my door once I have all my footage I import it to Final Cut Pro right off the SD card along with using final cut i have used imovie and I've used on me adobe premiere both are great as well I just prefer final cut it's what I know fast and it gives you a lot more options than the other two if you're just starting out i would highly suggest make video if you have a Mac computer it does all the basic stuff that you need for cutting together a video if you haven't use final cut before or maybe you have a couple of times and before purchasing it because it is a big investment you can try the trial version 4 30 days and just get a feel for and play around with it see if you like it you can get it on i'll put the link actually in the description box below where you can get the 30 day trial the music i use for my videos is provided by the network i'm with full screen so there's a have access to two different types of audio libraries with tons of selection which is incredible before I became part of YouTube network i was using audio jungle to purchase a lot of my music it can be a bit I see you can get music bundles which is like six tracks you get for a discounted price there are websites where you can get royalty free music for free and sound effects you just type in google royalty free music and a bunch of websites will pop up but the only thing with that is the selection isn't as large and you also have to really dig for the good stuff once my video is complete I go through it to make sure it looks good and then I export it to my computer once that is done i uploaded to YouTube I throw in a video description along with my links to other pages in my website i type in all the keywords that relate to the video the more the better then i will transcribe my video since I do have viewers that don't speak english as a first language or hearing impaired it's also really good for SEO once it's uploaded I shared on all my platforms including my website and that is my process for making YouTube videos of course shooting at home versus shooting on location timing will vary for how long it takes me to shoot a video in studio it takes me maybe a couple of hours up to a day whereas if I'm on location i'm i'm going around for maybe a week collecting different footage of different activities that i'm doing and then putting it together and then that takes me about a day to go through all the footage and then edit a video together as for daily vlogs it takes a day and a couple hours at it I hope you found this video helpful I know quite a few of you ask me how i make youtube videos what equipment I use so of course everything i do i do it for you until next time travelers happy adventures that works it works I put all the links to all the products and websites mentioned in this video in the description box below so be sure to check it out if you're interested ,Company videos,Video for business,Video businesses,Business video company